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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Education is the essential requirement that guides our business activity,
starting with the extraction of the Basalt stone in our quarry, to the final phase of production of the finished handcrafts in our Giarre establishments, having a full knowledge of the responsibility that each one of us has towards the environmental issues. Our Basalt is as natural as possible, it has a reduced environmental impact and it is a competitive product in terms of price and technical quality.
It is a sustainable product during its entire life cycle, from the “initial phase” of extraction in our Camporotondo/Belpasso quarry, to the “second phase” of final disposal, where it is possible to recycle the product easily and without risk in various production processes.
Furthermore, the final user should have a precise awareness of all lava stone characteristics in a wider sense, including the attention paid to the product and its behavior: stability of use, safety of use and durability, intended as resistance with a view to social and environmental responsibility. In other words, the extraction processes and the re-naturalization of the sites are sustainable.
Being involved in the aforementioned actions means not only a continuous product and an effective productive process commitment, but also a study of products that well incorporate in the CSR reasoning.
Moving on from business culture to sustainable development education, Lizzio srl has developed and realized a series of Eco-Sustainable Elements:
Lava Stone Radiators, Lava Stone Solar Panels, Food Cooking Griddles or Oil Stone, Floorings and Coatings in energy saver Natural Basalt Lava Stone.