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Elements for technological planning

The process of technological planning involves the designers’ exact knowledge on the characteristics of the materials to be used. The technical characteristics of the Etna Lava Stone, extracted from our quarry in Camporotondo-Belpasso on Vulcano Etna’s slope, are principally aesthetic and physio-mechanical. The use of the aesthetic characteristics meets the needs of a correct design and surface finishing for all types of environments, public or private, internal or external; it is all about the typical ‘grey smoke’ colour of the design, sometimes uniform and marked, and in some cases barely ‘pale’. The physical and mechanical characteristics represent the possible alternatives of the various types of pavements or coverings used in functional and lasting solutions in time, presented by Fratelli Lizzio srl.

For every type displayed in our website, we illustrate the installation process, the safety of use, the fire behavior, the artistic and aesthetic quality, the tactile, acoustic and visual well-being, the facility of maintenance, the possibility of treatment with chemical solutions for different surfaces, and the substitution of damaged parts. Apart from considering the aesthetic, physical and dimensional character of the various types to opt for, both traditional and innovative, and the relative systems of installation using cement, adhesive or dry assembling options that distinguish the continuous and discontinuous solutions, we also supply the planning and executive prescriptions of the wide and diverse choice of technical applications, which we have carried out during our long activity.

Physical – Mechanical – Resolutions – Torino Polytechnic Institute
Petrographic Analysis
Physical and Mechanical Characteristics – Milano Polytechnic Institute
Summary of the Physical and Mechanical Characteristics – Milano Polytechnic Institute
Certification for the Absence of Asbestos on Basalt
Certification of Compliance and Suitability of Basalt Stone in contact with food
Laboratory Proof for the determination of Antislippery Resistance (Skid-Test)
Determination of the Stone’s Resistance with Ancoring System (Kerf type)
Compliance Certificate
Marking CE
Quarry Authorization