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Contract Furbishing

Fratelli Lizzio srl has been developing in collaboration with various important marble and construction industrial groups the “contract”.

The latter consists of the supply – directly commissioned or through competition – of various elements in Etna Basalt that derive from our Camporotondo Quarry, designed ad hoc for the production of “large ‘turnkey’ projects”.  Lizzio srl offers services on request, which relate to basalt installation within a fixed contract date, producing basalt items in the client’s establishment and externalizing the installation, delivery and finishing services, having as corporate success factors the reliability and the contract price.  Every project management sources on the full understanding of each client’s requirements, with regard to the specific use of the basalt stone and its aesthetic and technical characteristics.  Remaining in a perpetual communication with architectural studios, real estate project developers, public authorities (such as Councils and technical offices), owners of important land lots, and general or interior contractors, it is possible to undertake the furnishing of public and private spaces such as Airports, Stations, Museums, Theatres, Universities, Hotels, Countryside Holiday complexes, Wellness Centres and Spas, Restaurants, Apartment complexes, Conference Rooms, Public Administration Offices, Funding Centers, Insurance and Business Centers, Boutiques, Shops, Exhibition Stands, Outlets, and Residential Buildings, offering potential customers the distinguishing value of the Italian Lifestyle, enclosed in a small Sicilian Industry.