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Our company grew in our quarry in ‘Camporotondo Etneo’, where the extraction process is carried out. The new quarry of lava stone for ornamental use was entirely projected by geologist Carmelo Claudio Milazzo, whose office is in Via Don Tommaso Leonardi No.37, Giarre (CT). We would like to specify that the extraction of lava for ornamental use does not involve intensive activity, like encountered in an aggregate quarry; its peculiarity is to safeguard the countryside. In fact, with the aid of special self-propelled machinery equipped with anti-particulate filters, and by employing modern extraction techniques that we have experimented, we remove the blocks avoiding dust emissions into the atmosphere, extracting only compact material and, at the same time, setting up the relative environmental redevelopment. Indeed, this positive approach is a prerogative for our company towards the concerns for the territory, and when it comes to the extraction activity issues, we always try to obtain the best results without upheaval of the territory.