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Square Blocks

Extracted directly from our quarry

The squared blocks are basalt blocks that, after their extraction from our quarry, they undergo a first selection according to their aesthetic and volumetric characteristics. Therefore, the first stage of squaring off with the aid of special stationary diamond saw, deals with the achievement of parallelepiped shapes, in order to satisfy the requirements of the marble market. In this way, we obtain Etna lava stone slabs and, if after the squaring off phase the blocks have defects, they are employed in fields where the aesthetic or technical qualities are less important, and they are used to produce marble tiles of smaller dimensions and thicknesses. Therefore, we can confirm that it is now possible to have blocks framed on six sides, of minimum dimensions 100x50x50 cm, maximum dimensions 400x200x150 cm, weighing from a minimum of 3 tons to a maximum of 35 tons.