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About Us

The founder of the company, Venerando Lizzio, started off in his father’s sculpture workshop of lava stone and marble.
At the beginning of the 1950s, following the deep crisis that hit the Etna lava stone manufacturing sector, which until then, was about paving roads and sidewalks, or creating sacred works of art and furnishings for farmhouses, the founder opened his first artisan workshop, also working with precious marble.

At the end of the 1970s, he and his three sons had the intuition to go back in to the past rediscover the Etna lava Basalt as a primary material of construction and furnishing. Fratelli Lizzio srl was born, and it represents nowadays a highly esteemed company in the sector of precious stone elaboration, and in particular, of the lava stone extraction from Mount Etna.

The experience gained through years of activity and the fundamental contribute of the technological progress and innovation, guarantee today the highly industrial and productive ability of Fratelli Lizzio srl in creating goods of artisan quality. The constant research for innovative goods produced using the Etna Basalt, also used in non-traditional sectors like in the urban fabric, the food industry, the fire and ceramics industries, has allowed us to spread the Basalt recognition in Germany, USA, China, France etc. Our supply chain starts with the extraction of stone blocks from our quarry in Belpasso / Camporotondo, continues with the manufacturing and production process in our Giarre plants, which occupy an area of a hundred thousand square metres, and extends to our commercial network. These components suggest to the architects, engineers and designers around the world that our ‘European Community’ guaranteed products are trustworthy.