Stone Slabs

Without the need to use the “structure mechanics”, the Etna Lava Stone Slabs are semi-worked elements, obtained by sawing the basalt blocks, framed to the edge, and usually, their borders need to be perfectly parallel. Moreover, the surfaces need to be flat and without any imperfections or unpleasant stripes, holes or possible ruptures. It is important as well to keep the thickness of the slab and never exceed the allowed standards. Fratelli Lizzio, since 1980, produces lava stone slabs with the help of appropriate machinery, which allows the growth of this specific sector, and the knowledge of our basalt in the marble field. Indeed, in the past, there were only marble or granite slabs; thanks to the technological innovation and the employment of modern extraction methods which allow the correct extraction of the appropriate stone blocks, we are able today to supply our depots in Italy and abroad with slabs of minimum dimensions 100x50x0,7 cm and of maximum dimension 400×200 cm.

Grooved Sheets

This is a kind of surface finish that is ideal for lava stone products that are polished, buffed or also previously bush-hammered. Read More

Resin-treated Sheets

Usually, resin treatment is an operation of consolidating and strengthening through which fragile and defective materials are improved to give them more solidity. Read More

Calibrated Sheets

The calibrating stage of Etna Lava Stone is necessary for control of the flatness and thickness of the product, carried out according to various forms/parameters or in sheets, within tolerance values agreed with the customer before commissioning; this deals with leveling the surface removing excess material and minimizing all irregularities produced in the sawing stage. Read More

Brushed – Antiqued

The brushing of Etna’s Lava Stone, extracted from our Belpasso quarry, consists of rendering the surface slightly motioned, but perfectly flat, semi-bright opaque, non-reflective.

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Extra Bush-Hammered Stone Slabs

Bush hammering is one of the oldest forms of rustic surface treatment on our Basalt, adopted primarily for external pavement coating, because it gives to the surface a particular carved, rough and lifted aspect, and it has an impact on the typical grey color of the lava stone and on its texture.
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Polished Stone Slabs

The polishing of the lava stone extracted from our quarry in Belpasso/ Camporotondo Etneo, consists of making the surface brighter, perfectly flat and mirror reflective.
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Flattened Stone Slabs

The flattening of lava stone consists of smoothing out the surface, making it perfectly flat and non-reflective matt. This is obtained with what we call the Basalt’s “closure” by means of a specific application of abrasive grain, which progressively becomes thinner.
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Rough Stone Slabs

The sawed lava stone is obtained with the action of diamond discs that cut the blocks, or with the joined action of multi-wire machines; it is hence semi-refined.
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