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Polished Stone Slabs

The polishing of the lava stone extracted from our quarry in Belpasso/ Camporotondo Etneo, consists of making the surface brighter, perfectly flat and mirror reflective.

This process can also be achieved through the Basalt’s “closure” and through a specific application of abrasive grains that progressively become thinner. The result is a reflective, bright surface, without stains and long-lasting, obtained thanks to the various compositions that penetrate the Basalt’s porosity by enclosing the pores and eliminating the small cracks where necessary, in order to obtain an homogenous and shiny result. Fratelli Lizzio srl employs, in the production stage, automatic polishing machinery and a series of diamond wheels, special felts of modified silicon, specific for the brightening and the production of tiles’ surfaces, slabs and strips, in order to complete the working process and obtain, as a final result, the particular grey color featured in every small shade of the Basalt Stone. This is why the Etna Lava Stone is widely considered the black gold of the highest and most known European Volcano. The characteristic shine of the olivine and the typical crystals of pyroxene become, after the processing and workmanship, evident, and define the aesthetic aspect of the Lava Stone Slabs.