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Renovation and recovery of the historic center of Adrano

‘Corso Garibaldi’ (boulevard) and ‘Piazza Umberto’ (Umberto square):

Street paving in Etna’s Lava stone sawed and hand-worked with medium chisel, thickness 8 cm, dimensions 40x? Cm. Shaped-edge elements ‘Bianco Sicilia’ and Etna Lava stone sawed and hand-worked, thickness 8 cm, letter formation and city emblem; Kerbs in Etna Lava stone sawed with rounded edge, 25×15 and 30×15 cm. Paving of squares in Etna Lava stone, extra bush-hammered, thickness 3 cm, various dimensions, squared rhombus design made of extra bush-hammered lava stone elements. Sidewalk paving in extra bush-hammered Etna Lava Stone, thickness 3 cm, dimensions 40×40 cm, 30×30 cm, 40×20 cm.  Total quantity of supplied material used for the intervention: 12000 square metres.